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  • Rainwater collector for gutter 80 - 105 mm, outlet from collector 1 "
  • Equipped with the summer / winter setting
  • Available in 2 colors: gray and brown

Rainwater collector

Universal rainwater collector

Water collectors are used to collect rainwater from downpipes to above ground tanks.
Universal collectors, fit pipes with diameters in the range 80 - 105 mm and pipes of any material, i.e. both plastic and metal. Collectors can be mounted on an existing installation without having to remove the pipe. The collector has a built-in filter. The gatherer has a summer / winter setting by turning the dome. The winter setting cuts off the water supply to the tank.
To the collector you should buy: connection to the 1 ”tank and a hose.
Available in two color lines: gray and brown.
Outlet from collector 1 "