Rainwater tank set Helena 300L Inox

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Decorative rainwater storage tank Alana 160l + Collector with valve and connection + Brass or chrome-plated faucet

Alana tank 160 l

Rainwater tank, rainwater, garden, decorative

A rainwater tank with a capacity of 160 liters with a modern and simple form and a unique surface structure. It has an integrated planting chamber, which additionally allows to create a series of individual plant compositions. At the bottom of the tank there is a bottom outlet, which allows the tank to be completely emptied before the frost period or allows connection of two tanks.

Three color versions of the tank: anthracite, gray and dark gray.

For a complete installation, a suitable rainwater collector should be selected (adjusted to the diameter and color of the gutter) and the connection of the collector with the tank should be adjusted. All elements can be found in our store in accessories for rainwater.


Capasity [l]
H [cm]
D [cm]
Product code
54,5 - 40,5
54,5 - 40,5
Dark grey
54,5 - 40,5

Connection set

The connection tank with rainwater collector

It allows connect tank with the collector of rainwater. 25 cm hose length. Available in two different diameters of 25 mm and 32 mm. 32 mm diameter hose fits most collectors of rainwater. The combination of 25mm fits to the leaves separator with the function of filling, available on request. When ordering, please let us information about a diameter hose.

We recommend that you also take a look at our other offers, such as the Jigsaw Connection Kit.

Tap with external thread

Dedicated tap to the decorative tanks for rainwater

Tap with 3/4" male thread - Used for decorative rainwater tanks. Available in two versions, chrome or brass. It is characterised by high durability. The material from which it is made has anti-corrosive properties. As a result, it can serve for a long time without damage. 

Rainwater collector with filter and tap

Collector with filter and tap for rainwater install on rainwater pipe

The rainwater collector from 3P Technik collects rainwater from small roof areas (up to 50 m2) and retains large impurities such as leaves. Rainwater collector for connecting almost all pipes, circular (diameter 68mm-100mm) and rectangular sections (60mmx60mm). The set includes a hose connection from the connection set (32 mm diameter). Rainwater collectors have overflow function. They are equipped with a valve to regulate the amount of water flowing into the tank or even completely shut off. Available in two different colors brown and gray.

We also recommend our range of inox mesh filter collectors.

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