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  • Complete rainwater management system for watering the garden
  • Fully automatic Multi Diver 1200
  • Tank capacity 2000l, 3000l, 4000l, 5000l

Water Rain Drop garden system

High-quality systems for using rainwater in the garden for watering

 A description of the action

Rainwater is collected from the roof through the gutter system and then fed through the drain pipe to the tank. The water is purified on the filter in front of the tank with fine mesh, after which it flows into the tank (by gravity). The water distribution system thanks to the Comfort 4000/2 pump allows watering the garden using a garden hose.

 Water Rain Drop - benefits for you

  • Tank sizes 2000 to 5000 liters

  • High quality polyethylene

  • No seams, connections or welds - 100% waterproof

  • Low weight, simple installation

  • Durable, durable and resistant to loads

  • Easy backfilling and compacting with sand, gravel or excavated material

  • 5 years warranty


Capacity [l]

Height [mm]

Width [mm]

Lenght [mm]

WATER 2000

2 000

1 570


2 410

WATER 3000

3 000

1 570

1 210

2 700

WATER 4000

4 000

1 860

1 500

2 400

WATER 5000

5 000

2 200

1 500

2 400

Rain Drop filter

 The rainwater filter is designed for catchment areas not exceeding 500 m2. The filter has a protection in the filter cover that prevents access by third parties and children while playing in the garden. The filter can be retrofitted with SR-20 or SR-40 extensions 20 or 40 cm high so that the filter can be installed deeper in the ground.

Garden box with collection

The cylindrical garden box made of strong plastic (PP) with increased resistance to UV radiation. Equipped with a built-in steel ball and butterfly valve with an external thread 3/4 "under the box lid and an elbow with a 32mm plastic pipe outlet from the bottom of the box. The hinged, snap well cover protects against the ingress of dirt. In addition, the box cover has a special opening enabling closing the lid while connecting a garden hose.  Height: 13.5 cm Base diameter: 17.6 cm Cover diameter: 19.2 cm Cover thickness: 1.0 cm

 3.5 m pressure hose

 3.5 m pressure hose for connecting the pump to the water intake, located in a can.


Multi Diver 1200 Auto is an electronically controlled submersible pump. It is recommended to draw fresh, cold, clean water from vertebral wells, large tanks, as well as from drilled deep water intakes with a sufficient diameter (suggested pipe diameter 200mm). The pump is equipped with a water jacket, which forces the engine to cool by the pumped water. MULTI DIVER 1200 AUTO operation control is carried out automatically, by means of an electronic device controlling the pump operation, by monitoring the pressure increases and decreases in the installation. When the water intake starts, the system pressure drops and the control device switches the pump on. On the other hand, when the water consumption stops (the tap is turned off), when the pressure in the installation increases, the built-in flow sensor turns off the pump. When the pump is not running, the built-in check valve maintains pressure in the discharge pipe. The pump is also equipped with an automatic dry running protection system. The range of hydraulic parameters of the pump and ease of installation allows it to be used for water supply of single-family houses, summer houses, for watering gardens and not very large agricultural areas.



Max. performance

101 l/min


230 V

Max. current

4,67 A

Max. the high of raising

45 m

Engine power

1,2 kW

Cable lenght

10 m

Pressure connection

1 1/2"


9,8 kg

Installation scheme
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