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  • Using rainwater in garden with system NEO Rewatec
  • Watering the garden, cleaning, washing the car with rainwater
  • Volume from 1500l to 10.000L

NEO Rewatec  PREMIUM garden system

High-quality NEO flat tank with automatic pump and filter for using rainwater in the garden for watering

 A description of the action

Rainwater is collected from the roof through the gutter system and then fed through the drain pipe to the tank. The water is purified on a fine mesh basket filter and then flows into the tank (gravitationally). The water distribution system works thanks to a submersible pump that works fully automatically.

Delivery range :

 NEO flat tanks - Benefits for you

 Tank sizes to choose from 1500 - 10,000 liters

  •  Eco-friendly polyethylene - 100% recycling

  •  No seams, connections or welds - 100% waterproof

  •  Low weight, simple installation

  •  Durable, durable and resistant to loads, the possibility of truck driving

  •  Easy backfilling and compacting with sand, gravel or excavated material

  •  35 years warranty - Made in Germany

  •  Tank cover - Twin Cover with intake

  •  The tank lid has a smaller inner lid, allowing easy and quick access to water intake.

Rising pipe extension VS 60 with seal DN 600

 Rising pipe dimensions: height 635 mm, Ø 600 mm. A lip seal used between the rising tube VS 20 / VS 60 or a spacer ring. It protects the rainwater tank against the ingress of dirt from the outside.

 Filter basket with cut-out

 It is recommended for roof surfaces max. up to 350 m2. Dimensions: Ø 410 mm, height 160 mm fine filter (filter mesh size 0.9 mm). Attachment cables and a hook are attached to the basket.

  3.5 m pressure hose

 3.5-meter pressure hose for connecting the pump to the water intake, located in the tank lid.

24V 1 "filling kit

Filling kit


1l expansion tank

A 1-liter diaphragm tank should be placed in the pump discharge installation, above the maximum water level in the tank.

 Acuafluss 40 l pump

Acuafluss 40 L is an automatic, multistage, submersible pressure pump consisting of 100% Italian components. It was equipped with an electronic pressure regulator and a non-return valve.

Max flow rate
95 l/min

Max lifting height

45 m

Mac working presure

4,5 bar

Discharge line 

 1” GW

Suction line

1 ½” GW

Lenght of a power cord

20 m

Nominal power

1 kW

Max temprerature od water

35 C

Voltage, frequency

230 V, 50 Hz

Number of steps


Motor protection class