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Biological sewage treatment plant

Backyard Biological Treatment Plant

are devices for the treatment of municipal sewage, built on the basis of one tank, the so-called biological reactor. Biological treatment works on the basis of the sequence of purification processes, such as sedimentation, anaerobic purification, oxygenation, which is repeated at a set time. The sewage treatment plants ensure high cleaning efficiency, but it is necessary to connect to electricity for their work. High-class sewage treatment plants can be installed in agglomeration areas because they meet the high requirements of European standards. The system of wastewater treatment should be remembered for the purified water system. They ideally check the drainage systems for the ground in this respect.

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Biological treatment plants

Devices intended to remove biological degradable impurities from wastewater. To carry out the biological decomposition processes of organic pollutants, populations of microorganisms suspended in the waste water (activated sludge methods) or microorganisms forming established biomass (biological beds) are used. The biological waste water treatment technology distinguishes processes carried out under conditions: oxygen - biological oxidation, nitrification - anoxic (hypoxic) - denitrification.

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