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  • gray water purification system
  • capacity up to 200 l / d
  • suitable for installation in the basement or garage

Internal gray water system

Gray water treatment system to be installed in the building

Description of the installation:

A complete gray water management system allows for the recovery of water up to 200 l / d. Simple system, takes up little space, possible installation in the basement or garage.
The first stage of treatment is the separation of solid particles in the filtration process using a highly efficient Purain filter. The next stage of purification is the ultrafiltration process using Aqualoop membranes. The purified water is then directed to the clean water tank. The Rainmaster Eco unit (available with the AQUAMATIC DOMESTIC S PLUS unit) allows the device to be powered and the water directed to sanitary utensils, such as washing machines or toilets. At the moment of water deficit in the tank, the system switches to water intake from the water supply network, which will ensure continuous operation of the installation.

Kit components:

  • Gray water tank 350l,
  • Clean water tank 350l,
  • 30l membrane blower,
  • 1/2 inch - 3m connection hoses set,
  • Pump unit Rainmaster ECO central (optional: Aquamatic domestic S plus)