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  • Recommended for one- and two-family houses
  • Capacity 4.8 m / h
  • Lifting height H = 52 m

Rainwater Central Aquamatic Domestic L


The Aquamtic Domestic L rainwater units are designed for single and double family homes. It allows you to use rainwater for flushing toilets, washing in washing machines and watering the garden.


A description of the action

The complete device consists of a handy drinking water tank, a multi-stage pump with an electromagnetic valve and a float switch with a 20 meter cable. The whole is in the console, which we mount on the wall or floor.
In the absence of rainwater in the tank, the control panel allows the automatic use of tap water. The operation of the three-way valve is controlled by means of a float switch located in the rainwater tank. Water from the network is supplied to a handy tank through a float valve in accordance with PN-EN 1717. The multistage centrifugal pump ensures quiet operation and quick and trouble-free system start-up. The control panel protects the pump against dry running and allows it to be switched off when a certain pressure in the system is reached.

Technical data
Rainwater station Aquamatic Domestic L
Max. efficiency
4,8 m3/h
Max. pressure
5,2 bar
Max. height to the receiver
15 m
Max. suction depth
9 m
Level of security
IP 41
Rated power
550 W
Power supply voltage
230 V/ 50 Hz
Suction pipe connection
1`` (GW)
Connection of a discharge pipe
1`` (GZ)
Water supply connection
¾`` (GZ)
Emergency transfer
Pipe ᴓ 70 mm
Float switch
20 m (bez uziemienia)