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  • The inlet and outlet of rainwater at the same level
  • Underground rainwater filter
  • It is recommended for roof and terraces areas up to max. 3000m sq


Maximus 3000 filter

Rainwater cleaning systems

Rainwater filter for commercial systems. Maximus filter prevents particles of dirt, with the rainwater into the tank. As a result, in the tank We have clean water to use, eg. in schools, petrol stations, car washes, hotels, etc. The  rainwater filter is recommended for roof and terraces areas max. 3000m sq. Inflow and outflow of rainwater pipe DN300.

    • 100% efficiency
    • Inlet and outlet positioned at the same height
    • For use in rainwater harvesting systems and infiltration of rainwater
    • purification is carried out by settling (sedimentation), and using the immersion tube
    • Load class SLW 30, cover and riser tube available separately depending on the load class up to 1.5 metres soil cover possible
    • Easy to clean
    • Constructed of durable polyethylene
    • Compatible with DIN EN 12056