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  • Suitable for downpipes at Ø 80 or 110mm
  • Effectively cleans rainwater from pollution
  • Ideal for roof areas max. to 70m sq

Rainus filter

Rainwater cleaning systems

Rainwater Rainus filter for installation in the lower section of the downpipe. It is easy to monitor due to its installation position in the downpipe. The downpipe filter where the cleaned rainwater flows out down the filter pipe. Rainus is also ideal for re-fitting of equipments which are not disposing of a filter. Simple installation, and maintenance depending on contamination. To clean, slide the filter unit out, and brush off any dirt. Recommended for roof areas up to 70 m² max. Flow Rate Sieve insert aprox. 0,6 l/sec = aprox. 2 m³ cleaned water per hour. Installation in stand pipes at Ø 80 or 110mm. The upper connection can accept metal downpipes of 80 and 100. The cleaned water can be used in washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering, homes, commerce, public buildings and in industry.

How it works

1. The falling rainwater´s energy is attenuated by baffles in the upper filter housing.
2. Rainwater is then calmed in a small sump.
3. Water then weirs over the sump lip, and is distributed evenly across the primary cascade, the first cleaning step.
4. The primary cascade filters out any large or coarse particles, such as leaves and moss.
5. Below and behind the primary cascade is a finer secondary filter.
6. Fine and coarse particles are ejected from the front of the filter.
7. Cleaned rainwater flows out of the filter outlet to a storage tank or to the point of use or infiltration system.