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  • The inlet and outlet of rainwater at the same level
  •  Underground rainwater filter
  •  It is recommended for roof and terraces areas up to max. 1500m sq

Maximus 1500 filter

Rainwater cleaning systems

Water purification filter Maximus followed by sedimentation of solid particles, and to use the technology immersion pipe stainless steel filter. Load class SLW30, cover and shaft extension must be ordered additionally, taking into account the class load. Underground rainwater filter Maximus is recommended for roof and terraces areas of up to max. 1500m sq.


    • 100% water in use, no height differential
    • Inflow DN200, outflow 3 x DN150 or 1 x DN200
    • Up to 1.5 metres soil cover possible
    • Easy to maintain due to walkable body, entrance acc. to DN600
    • Dimensions:  Ø 154 cm, height 163cm, casing made of robust PE
Version A: 1 x Inflow DN 200, 1 x outflow DN 200
Version B: 1 x Inflow DN 200, 3 x outflow DN 150