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Garden Rainwater Systems

Garden systems for rainwater management

Rainwater management systems in a garden for irrigation of vegetation are gaining more and more popularity among customers. The use of rainwater in the garden saves even 50% of the cost of tap water, we additionally gain a measurable ecological effect for the environment. The systems are based on monolithic polyethylene tanks from renowned producers from Poland and abroad, which are selected for the ground conditions found on the investment site. To determine the capacity of the tank, the water yield is calculated from the catchment area, comparing with the estimated consumption for watering - the calculator of the capacity selection. The garden systems offered in our store are complete solutions equipped with automatic submersible pumps, filters, water intake, covers and manholes. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products. If you have additional questions, please contact our consultants.

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Rainwater management systems are an increasingly desirable element of new construction. Research conducted by experts shows that the rainwater sewage system infrastructure is very poorly developed, as it was mostly designed a dozen years ago, when the urban agglomerations did not survive the construction boom. Currently, in building conditions, owning a rainwater tank is often obligatory for obtaining a use permit. Having a rainwater management system brings with it the same advantages:

  • savings on tap water,
  • securing the water storage at the time of water shortages or prohibitions for watering.
  • an invaluable ecological effect that prevents stepizanie,
  • tax exemption for precipitation and thaw,
  • during periods of rainstorm, it protects the investment against flooding.

The Aquatechnika store offer is an ideal place to purchase rainwater management systems for the garden. We guarantee delivery throughout Poland - Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Szczecin, Lodz, Katowice, other and foreign deliveries. In our offer you will find products of renowned world brands and Polish producers at attractive prices. The range of products includes small garden systems from 1000l capacity as well as large commercial installations on an individual request. Before making your selection, we invite you to check attractive offers and contact advisers. We offer the lowest prices and the opportunity to negotiate. Check our sales!

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