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  • Automatic multistage submersible pressure pump
  • Designed for clean water, rainwater
  • Capacity up to 100 l / min, lifting height up to 68 m

Acuafluss 100/70

Automatic multistage submersible pressure pump

Acuafluss 40 L is an automatic, multistage, submersible pressure pump consisting of 100% Italian components. It is equipped with an electronic pressure regulator and a non-return valve. The pump automatics ensures its activation and deactivation, e.g. by opening / closing a tap. After detecting dry running, the built-in controller will try to start the pump every 15 minutes during the first hour, and once an hour for the next 48 hours. The pump can be used in rainwater management systems, automatic irrigation systems and for pumping clean water. The maximum value of starts per day is 40. The motor has built-in overload protection. The pump is additionally equipped with a sand filter which allows for initial filtration of the pumped medium.

Technical data



Max. performance

100 l/min

Max. lifting height

68 m

Maximum working pressure

6,8 bar

Discharge line

1  GW

Length of the power cord

20 m

Maximum temperature of pumped water


Voltage, frequency

230 V, 50 Hz

Number of steps


Motor protection class