Tanks and Mobile Fuel Distribution

Fuel tanks

The perfect solution for owners of vehicles with a diesel engine. It allows for savings thanks to one-time purchase of fuel at wholesale prices. The possibility of full fuel consumption control. Tanks can store diesel oils, fuel oils, biodiesel. The tanks can be equipped with a dispenser for pouring fuel and a system for measuring the amount of refueling. Optionally, the fuel tank may have a system programmed for a card or a pin for employees, allowing control over refueling.

Active filters


  • Mobile distributor ON
  • Different volume from 200 to 900L
  • Double walled tank



  • Double walled high quality tank
  • Volume tank from 1200 to 9000L
  • Tank equipped with an oil level sensor
The offer also includes mobile tanks for Trackmaster fuels, for transporting and distributing fuels especially for companies that need fuel in the place of current work. The material from which the tanks were made is specially tested for tightness and storage resistance of diesel fuels.