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  • 1000l tank
  • For mounting in the ground or as a free-standing unit
  • The warranty period is 5 years

Rainwater tank TUR

The tank is designed for storing rainwater

Tur tanks are characterized by high durability and resistance to external conditions. It is possible to set the tank on the surface as free-standing, as well as mounting in the ground. The tank can be buried in the ground and its only visible element on the surface of the earth is the cover installed on the inspection hatch. The Marseplast TUR tank is made of linear polyethylene using rotational molding, which guarantees its durability, strength and corrosive soil effect. However, it should be remembered that the tank should be properly placed, and certain stages of its assembly must be carried out in the right order.

Advantages of the TUR tank:
  • The tank can be installed in difficult terrain,
  • It can be placed at a depth of 70 cm, if it is necessary to increase the depth of mounting the tank, it should be mounted above the tank reinforced concrete slabs,
  • It is possible to use the tank as a free-standing one.

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TUR 1,0 

   2040 mm 

 780 mm

 1200 mm

 770 mm

 740 mm

 160 mm

 110 mm

 490 mm

59 kg