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Tanks for underground rainwater

a full range of monolithic underground tanks for collecting rainwater produced by rotational molding ensures the tightness of rainwater tanks for many years. Rainwater tanks from our offer present different strengths for land and the impact of groundwater. We have capacities from 1000l to 70,000l.

Decorative tanks for rainwater

they perfectly match the decor of gardens and work well with smaller roof slopes. To mount tanks, select a rainwater collector for the diameter of the gutter and combine it with a decorative tank. The various ornamental container designs available in the offer allow you to adjust the shape, texture and color to your own aesthetic preferences.

Water distribution systems to the ground

it is used when we have to direct rainwater to the ground or secure the development system against excessive overflows after heavy rainfall (so-called emergency overflow).

Active filters


  • Rainwater collector equipped with a filter cleaning
  • Collects water from the roof areas up to 50m sq
  • Fits gutter with diameters from 68mm to 100mm
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  • 1000l tank
  • For mounting in the ground or as a free-standing unit
  • The warranty period is 5 years
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  • Rainwater filter baskets suitable for house systems
  • Suitable for underground rainwater tanks
  • Ideal for roof areas up to 350m3
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  • Retention and draining rainwater into the ground
  • Retention in soil treated wastewater after biological treatment
  • Rainwater management
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  • Rainwater tank in the garden
  • Polyethylene rainwater tank volume of 210L
  • Polyethylene high-quality, resistant to adverse weather conditions
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Rainwater tanks contribute not only to savings on tap water, but also have a huge impact on the protection of the environment and water resources. Local water retention enables later use of rainwater, protection of investment against flooding and irrigation of areas during periods of drought.

The Aquatechnika store offer is the perfect place to buy a rainwater tank. We guarantee delivery throughout Poland - Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Szczecin, Lodz, Katowice, other and foreign deliveries. In our offer you will find products of renowned world brands and Polish producers at attractive prices. The range of products includes tanks from 1000l to 75000l capacity, as well as large commercial installations on an individual request. Before making your selection, we invite you to check attractive offers and contact advisers. We offer the lowest prices and the opportunity to negotiate.

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