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Underground Rainwater Tanks

Tanks for underground rainwater

Rainwater tanks can fulfill various rainwater collection functions. Mainly, tanks are installed in order to collect and use rainwater for the home (flushing toilets), garden (irrigation of plants) or for initial retention at high rainfall, which protects our investment from flooding. The use of rainwater in rainwater tanks brings not only an ecological effect, but also brings real savings to the user's portfolio. It has been calculated that with skilful management of rainwater, you can save up to 50% of the costs of tap water.
The tanks from our offer are produced in a rotational molding process (monolithic tank construction) which makes the tanks have high strength and ensure 100% tightness (no seams, welding, screwing modules). Selected tanks can be installed even under the circular motion of passenger cars and even trucks. From the product range, you can distinguish flat rainwater tanks that can be planted in heavy and high groundwater soils.
We offer tanks from renowned and proven producers from Poland and abroad, which provides our clients with a wide selection at attractive prices. We invite you to contact our consultants, we provide you with professional advice regarding the selection of tanks, assembly and use of rainwater.

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  • 1000l tank
  • For mounting in the ground or as a free-standing unit
  • The warranty period is 5 years
PLN1,044.99 Regular price PLN1,099.99
PLN849.59 tax excl


  • Underground rainwater tank
  • Reinforced II generation construction
  • Capacity from 1700 l to 5500 l
Underground rainwater tankReinforced II generation constructionCapacity from 1700 l to 5500 l
PLN2,051.15 Regular price PLN2,330.85
PLN1,667.60 tax excl


  • Flat underground tanks for rainwater and septic tank
  • Monolithic tanks with 35 year guarantee
  • Tank volume from 800 to 40000 l
PLN2,879.06 Regular price PLN3,234.90
PLN2,340.70 tax excl


  • Underground tank for rainwater and sewage
  • Capacity: 5,200 l, 7,600 l and 10,000 l
  • The possibility of foundation in groundwater, ground covering up to 2 m
PLN10,720.00 tax excl


  • 25 years warranty
  • Volume to choose 3000 or 5300 l
  • Can be installed in ground water
PLN4,430.00 tax excl
Selection of a rainwater tank

The capacity of the rainwater tank should be selected by calculating the catchment area, adjusting the appropriate runoff rate and taking into account the amount of rainfall in the area. This is a method that determines the possible yield of rainwater, which may be useful for the selection of a reservoir for the purpose of rainwater management.
(catchment area [sq m] x runoff coefficient x annual average amount of rainfall in a given location [mm / sqm] / 365 days = average daily yield).
Rainwater consumption can be estimated by calculating the area of ​​the green area with respect for water for watering, the amount of water to wash the car, or rainwater consumption for flushing toilets. We encourage you to use our capacity selection calculator. The obtained values ​​of rainwater yield and its consumption are interpolated by adjusting the appropriate capacity of the tank.

Choosing a model of underground tank for rainwater is also not so easy, because several important parameters should be taken into account. Knowledge of ground conditions (sandy, loamy soils, other) allows for matching the appropriate type of rainwater tank in terms of compressive strength of the soil and depth of covering. Knowledge about the level of groundwater will allow us to avoid the situation of pushing the buried tank in case of their high condition - recommended flat tanks. It is also worth information about the geological parameters of the ground when designing an emergency transfer, when we find ourselves in a situation when we do not use the water accumulated in the reservoir and it will gather on the occasion of rains.

The Aquatechnika store offer is the perfect place to buy a rainwater tank. We guarantee delivery throughout Poland - Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Szczecin, Lodz, Katowice, other and foreign deliveries. In our offer you will find products of renowned world brands and Polish producers at attractive prices. The range of products includes tanks from 1000l to 75000l capacity, as well as large commercial installations on an individual request. Before making your selection, we invite you to check attractive offers and contact advisers. We offer the lowest prices and the opportunity to negotiate.