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Filling kit 24V 1"

Filling kit 24V 1"

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  • Filling the water collection tank
  • 1 "diameter of the solenoid valve

24V 1" filling kit

Auto-refilling set for the tank

The 1 ”24V filling kit is used to refill your rainwater recovery system with potable water. The rainwater tank is filled with potable water via a solenoid valve as required. This ensures that the installation is ready for operation at all times. The control is regulated by a float switch located in the rainwater tank. The solenoid valve opens or closes the flow depending on the signal from the float sensor. A non-return valve (not included) installed downstream of the filling kit prevents rainwater from entering the water supply.

The 1 "24V filling kit includes:

  • Driver box
  • Float switch with a 20m cable with a sinker
  • Solenoid valve,
  • Garden box,
  • Instructions for assembly and use.