Oil and Fat substances separators

Separators for petroleum substances

devices whose task is to purify rainwater discharged from parking lots, gas stations or roads. Separators also purify technological wastewater, which originate, for example, from car washes, workshops, as well as vehicle storage areas.

Fat substance separators

devices whose task is to retain all animal and vegetable fat molecules. Separators also purify technological sewage, which originate, for example, from restaurants, fast food restaurants, hotels, slaughterhouses and also from slaughterhouses. The greasy sewage should not be discharged into the sewage system without proper pre-treatment. Strongly greasy sewage causes a reduction in the efficiency of sewage treatment plants, and also causes clogging of sewage pipes. Currently, high quality separators are designed in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 1825: 2005 and DIN 4040.

Active filters


  • Extension for separators: FAT, OIL, ACID
  • Height 30 cm
  • The possibility of raising the height by using two extensions
PLN190.00 tax excl


  • It purifies the waste water from the slurry prior to the inlet separator
  • Inflow of sewage at a height of 800mm, outlet height 770mm
  • Desilter suspensions
PLN2,143.00 tax excl


  • 3-probe detector, S-3-WRL, S-3-WRL-GSM
  • Three probes to choose from: (MAX) overfill, (OILER) fat and petroleum oil level, (SLUDO) sludge level
  • LEDs indicating normal status and fault status
PLN4,910.00 tax excl
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Separators are devices based on settling tanks intended for separating oil-derived substances or fatty substances generated at the place of their creation. The current law imposes the obligation of the manufacturer of pollution on separator installations in order to lower oil or fat substances released into the sewage system. Our solutions have full documentation allowing for the implementation of a separation installation throughout the country.