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Rainwater control panels

Domestic and industrial rainwater central systems

Fully automated pumping equipment supplying rain water. Rainwater units should be divided into households, ideal for powering toilet lavatories, washing machines, garden irrigation for farms, single-family or multi-family houses, and industrial units that are used in commercial, industrial buildings, hotels, boarding houses. Rainwater control units prioritize rainwater collected in rainwater tanks, and in the event of rainwater shortage, automatic switching to tap water, which ensures them continuous operation and water supply in an uninterrupted manner. Rainwater units meet all European standards, have an air break to protect against the mixing of rainwater and water pipes - thus no contamination of both media. The selection of devices is carried out individually for each facility according to the demand for hydraulic parameters for the investment. We also encourage you to contact our advisors who will try to match the appropriate device.

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  • Rainwater for toilets, washing machines, garden irrigation
  • Fully automated station
  • Capacity 4.2 m3 / h, lifting H = 48 m
PLN6,231.30 Regular price PLN6,923.67
PLN5,066.10 tax excl


  • Supports the work of the rainwater station
  • Designed for rainwater station Aquamatic Domestic
  • Applicable in case of a large distance from the tank to rainwater control panel
PLN2,224.00 tax excl
The Aquatechnika store offer is the perfect place to buy a rainwater unit. We guarantee delivery throughout Poland - Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Szczecin, Lodz, Katowice, other and foreign deliveries. In our offer you will find products of renowned world brands and Polish producers at attractive prices. The product range includes the Aquamatic Domestic domestic water distribution units as well as the Aquamatic Industrial industrial units for commercial installations. Before making your selection, we invite you to check attractive offers and contact advisers. We offer the lowest prices and the opportunity to negotiate.