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Rain console Eco

Rain console Eco

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  • Rainwater control and replenishment console
  • Ideal for home and garden systems
  • Uses a submersible pump for distribution

Rain console Eco

Rainwater control and replenishment console - the ideal system for use in the home and garden.

The Eco Rain Console uses a controller to manage a pressure pump to distribute rainwater to domestic intakes such as washing machines and toilets. It also directs water to the garden for watering. The Eco Rain Console with pressure pump works identically to a rainwater control panel. The console monitors the water level in the tank. In the event of a rainwater deficit, it replenishes the tank with tap water only up to a preset level, so that the pump is able to operate safely (it does not top up the tap water by filling up the entire tank). 

The system is very flexible and versatile for use. Depending on the customer's requirements, when there is a need for high pressure and capacity, we can fit pumps with high hydraulic parameters to the console that meet the requirements. The ECO console does not require a close foundation of the tank in relation to the technical room, in contrast to the rainwater unit.

Adapting garden systems into home systems

The console is also an ideal component for expanding garden systems into home-garden versions. By having a regular system with a pressure pump, we can easily ensure the use of rainwater to a greater extent. In addition, we gain continuity of the system by topping up with tap water in accordance with European standard EN 1717. 


  • complete absence of console noise - no sound of the running pump in the room 
  • vibration reduction of the console by caps
  • remote monitoring of pump operation on/off with pressure indicator
  • Built-in sleep mode reduces power consumption
  • wall or floor mounting

Technical specifications of console only (no pump):

  • Electronic controller Qmax = 8 m3/h, Pmax = 8 bar, P = 2.2 kW, Amax = 16A
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Air gap in accordance with EN 1717 TYPE AB
  • Connections 1"
  • Flow-pressure switch
  • Float switch with 20 m cable
  • Emergency overflow Ø75 mm
  • Control unit with non-return valve
  • Digital display of current pressure

Rain console Eco installation diagram