Payments in the store

 I. Prepay by transfer to the account:

The ordered goods can be paid by bank transfer, by paying the money directly to the account of the shop owner:
GROPS-TECHNOLOGY Maciej Sidorowicz
ul. Szolc-Rogozińskiego 10 Wrocław, 53-209
NIP: 894-28-97-253
Code: 022015792
Account number: BANK ING: 37 1050 1575 1000 0092 5742 3872

IBAN: PL 37 1050 1575 1000 0092 5742 3872


Types of transfers:
Traditional transfer - can be commissioned at a bank outlet or via the Internet. It is settled in the so-called elixir sessions (3 sessions during the day, only on business days), which in practice for the client means waiting for the transfer in the next possible session. In principle, payment is confirmed on one day. If you want to speed up the order, the customer can send an electronic confirmation of the transfer, which almost immediately confirms the order.
Express transfer - delivery time is a few minutes (this transfer is not waiting for elixir sessions).

II. Cash on delivery:
By choosing the method of payment on delivery, you will pay for the ordered goods in cash on delivery. If you decide to choose a courier parcel, you will pay for it directly to the courier. The possibility of payment on delivery is not available if the value of ordered products exceeds PLN 500. In this case, the only possible form of payment for the order is payment in advance - by payment card or by transfer: online or traditional.