Hoses and wrap-around wheels

Essential accessories for fuel storage and distribution are hoses and reels. They are used in private households, as well as fuel industries. Fuel hoses vary in length and diameter. Hoses are made of rubber. The flexible material and their design make it easy to bend and deliver fuel to the device. Thanks to the automation used in the reel wheels, it is easy to wind the hose and reduce refueling time. They also keep the workplace tidy. They can have a special bracket that makes it easier to mount the reel, for example, on a wall. Our online store offers a wide range of fuel hoses, reel wheels and kits.

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Choosing the right retractor wheel and fuel hose

The main criterion for choosing the right fuel hoses is the type of liquid to be refueled into the device. Another is the length and diameter of the hose. It is also worth considering the purchase of a reel wheel, if you already have a fuel hose alone, for example. Reelers with automatic reel can be a good choice, which improve the comfort of work. The device will automatically rewind the hose, keeping the workplace tidy. In addition, reelers can be used in gardening work for winding garden hoses.  You are welcome to customize the selection according to your individual needs.


Advantages of hoses and coil wheels:

♦ Easy to operate - automatic reels easily roll and unroll the hose. In this way, they adjust the length of the hose. They eliminate kinks in the hose and possible splashing of the liquid,
♦ Reliability - simple design and failure-free significantly improve the comfort of use,
♦ Safety - a set of hose with a reel makes it easy to store, keeping the workplace tidy,
♦ Quality - the fuel hose is made of durable, flexible rubber. Coiler made of metal housing, resistant to corrosion and weather conditions.

Aquatechnika online store offers a wide selection of models of distribution hoses and reel wheels. We invite you to take a look at the offer.

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