Retention Tanks

Retention tanks made of HDPE plastic pre-take up rainwater when it is more accumulated. In addition, they protect the investment against flooding by means of a regulated water outflow. The tanks can be optionally equipped with systems for using rainwater for garden watering, flushing toilets, car washes, laundry facilities, etc. The tanks in our range are made using the rotational moulding process or the SPIRO welding method, which guarantees tightness and durability for years.

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Roterra rainwater tank

  • Underground tanks for rainwater or septic tanks
  • Can be loaded with car traffic
  • Capacity from 12 to 65 m3
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Retention tanks in general are artificial water reservoirs designed to protect against the effects of heavy rainfall, i.e. flooding of the area. Reservoirs also have additional functions, e.g.: they can serve as a fire reservoir or as an additional water resource for irrigation of green areas. The water collected in the retention tank can also be used for other purposes: washing, toilet flushing, etc.

The offer of the Aquatechnika shop is the ideal place to buy a retention tank. We guarantee delivery all over Poland - Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Szczecin, Łódź, Katowice, others, as well as deliveries abroad. In our offer, you will find products of renowned global brands and Polish manufacturers at attractive prices. The product range includes tanks from 1500l to even 75000l capacity, as well as large commercial installations on individual request. Before making your choice, we invite you to check our attractive offers and to contact our advisors.  We offer the lowest prices and the possibility to negotiate.