Gardening systems for rainwater - are complete sets of underground tanks with equipment covers, inspection hatches, filters and water distribution pumping system can be used for irrigation of green areas and car wash for households and commercial buildings. The system enables up to 100% water savings for watering the garden.

Home systems for rainwater
- is a complete solution for rainwater harvesting system with its mechanical filtration for utility purposes, ie. Flushing toilets, washing and irrigation of green areas. Water distribution uses a special pump AutoComplete rain water and the panels acting interchangeably with tap water, in case a deficit of rainwater system to operate continuously. Home systems allow us up to 50% water savings possible with respect to the overall distribution of consumption.

Underground rainwater tanks - a full range of monolithic underground tanks to collect rainwater.

Decorative tanks and ground rectangular - ideally suited for interior gardens and suited for smaller roof slopes. To mount tanks rainwater collector should be selected to the diameter of the gutter and combine it with a decorative container.

Drainage systems, water into the ground - is used in a situation where we need to direct rainwater into the ground or protect your system against excessive overflow management after major rainfall (ie. Emergency spillway). 

Active filters


  • Filling the water collection tank
  • 1 "diameter of the solenoid valve

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  • Easy intake of water in the garden
  • Case in green color
  • Two connection to a garden hose
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  • Recommended for one- and two-family houses
  • Capacity 4.8 m / h
  • Lifting height H = 52 m
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  • Complete rainwater management system for watering the garden
  • Fully automatic Multi Diver 1200
  • Tank capacity 2000l, 3000l, 4000l, 5000l
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PLN2,493.87 tax excl
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The management of rainwater, small retention, is currently one of the more widespread ways of storing water for later use in times of water supply deficits. Climate changes, progressing from year to year, result in lengthening of the dry season, which leads to the stepping-out of Polish territories. The use of rainwater is one of the ways to save drought-prone areas by continuous irrigation with rainwater.

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