Tank heating

Heating tapes and thermal insulation for fuel tanks are an effective solution for heating and maintaining the required temperature of substances stored in them. Temperature control using the tape is carried out by means of a thermostat. Thermal insulation, on the other hand, ensures that the tank is covered with an additional layer of polyurethane foam. Heating avoids overheating, condensation and freezing of substances in the tank. In the offer of our store we have products from Swimer and Kingspan.

Active filters

Swimer heating tape for heating oil tanks

  • Used to maintain the proper oil temperature in the tank
  • Protects liquid against freezing, solidification and coagulation
  • For Swimer tanks with a capacity of 1500l to 10000l
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PLN1,000.00 tax excl

Exhaust fan with filter 1600 BP with grille

  • Fan additionally equipped with a grille with filter
  • Free air flow of 55 m3/h
  • Compatible with Swimer tanks
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Advantages of fuel tank heating

♦ Heating tapes and thermal insulation protect substances from freezing and prevent their crystallization and condensation
♦ Control the temperature level of stored liquid regardless of weather condition
♦ Continuous operation during the colder autumn and winter period

Tank heating - application

Heating tapes and thermal insulation are the ideal solution for tanks placed outdoors, where the temperature drops below +5 degrees C. They can find their application in the agricultural, food, refining industries. They can also be used as a preheating stage for industrial reactors.

Tank heating - installation

In order to reduce the thermal transmittance in the tank, thermal insulation is used. By covering the tank with an additional layer consisting of polyurethane foam, we gain confidence that the stored liquid will gain resistance to temperature fluctuations. Tapes are attached directly to the walls of the tanks using the foam. Temperature control in the tank is carried out using a thermostat. In addition, thermal insulation can be made.

Selection of heating capacity of tanks

The main criterion for selecting the heating capacity of the tank is its size. Then the level of temperature that would be maintained in it is determined. The ambient temperature and the thickness of its thermal insulation are also taken into account. Heating tapes and thermal insulation meet European standards for safety and environmental protection.

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