Alarms for separators

Alarms for the installation of oil and fat separators

Alarm devices for handling oil and fat separators. The detectors can work with one, two or need probes. Probes can alert on the overfilling of the separator or tank or / and the limit of oil or fat substances or / and exceeding the sludge limit in the settling tank. If you have additional questions, please contact the advisor.

Active filters


  • 2 probe detector
  • Choose from 2 of 3 probe models: (MAX + OILER) overfill and fat and oil level, (MAX + SLUDO) overfill and sludge, (OILER + SLUDO) level of fat, oil and sludge
  • LEDs indicating normal status and fault status
PLN2,967.99 Regular price PLN3,124.20
PLN2,413.00 tax excl


  • 3-probe detector, S-3-WRL, S-3-WRL-GSM
  • Three probes to choose from: (MAX) overfill, (OILER) fat and petroleum oil level, (SLUDO) sludge level
  • LEDs indicating normal status and fault status
PLN4,910.00 tax excl

We can also customize the solution on an individual request. Alarm devices have the functions of sending sms messages, are compatible with BMS systems and have the ability to operate on batteries. The probes can be installed in places with a risk of explosion - certified probes with the ATEX marking. This enables the assembly of our devices in places such as petrol stations, refineries, or other areas with the designation of the "0" zone.

Aquatechnika is the perfect place to buy an alarm to the separator of oil and fat substances. We guarantee delivery throughout Poland - Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Szczecin, Lodz, Katowice, other and foreign deliveries. Before making your selection, we invite you to check attractive offers and contact advisers. We offer the lowest prices and the opportunity to negotiate.