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is an online store, which consists of a team of environmental protection specialists dealing with the distribution of systems for environmental protection. The main advantage of the proposed products is high quality and innovation, and the common denominator is the use of plastic as a durable and non-corrosive material. Our team consists of engineers and employees with extensive experience in sales and engineering work. The customer can count on help in choosing the right system, adapting the systems to geological and construction and operational conditions, legal requirements, etc. The presented products have certificates of compliance with restrictive European standards, are marked with the CE mark (biological sewage treatment plants and separators), opinions of the Institute of Protection Environment and technical approvals of the Building Research Institute (rainwater management systems). The main products of our store are rainwater tanks, rainwater management systems for home and garden, decorative rainwater tanks, septic tanks, oil separators, fat separators, home sewage treatment plants, fuel tanks, pumps, drinking water tanks, automation for systems, alarms and many other by-products.

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The owner of the online store is:

Grupatechnika Maciej Sidorowicz
ul. Szolc-Rogozińskiego 10 Wrocław 53-209
NIP: 894-28-97-253
Account number: BANK ING : 37 1050 1575 1000 0092 5742 3872
IBAN: PL 37 1050 1575 1000 0092 5742 3872

We are also an authorized distributor of the Rewatec brand:
Aquatechnika certyfikowany dystrybutor Rewatec