Homemade Sewage Treatment Plants

Home sewage treatment plants

they are perfect if there is no possibility to connect to a collective sewage system. Most often these are peripheral estates or places with dispersed single-family housing. The purpose of household wastewater treatment plants is to neutralize wastewater at the place of their production, and then to discharge treated wastewater with a drainage system to the ground or ditch. Wastewater treatment plants are divided into two types:

Drainage treatment plants

the first treatment plant process takes place in the settling tank through sedimentation. The second oxygen purification process in the drainage system (traditional drainage can be separated on a gravel deposit or packet drainage, where the deposit replaces a polyethylene box with a large active surface).

Biological treatment plants

wastewater treatment processes take place within the reactor. The reservoir is divided into a sedimentation zone and an oxygen purification reactor with the participation of bacteria. SBR systems (selective bioreactor), floating activated sludge in the form of fittings, and diffuser systems are often used in home treatment systems. Good biological sewage treatment plants clean sewage to the II class of water purity and meet European standards supported by the CE mark. At present in the western part of the European Union, only biological sewage treatment systems are used due to the care for the natural environment.

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  • Biological sewage treatment plant ZBS operating on the basis of sludge
  • Household sewage treatment plant models from 4-10 people
  • Control modes, certificate PZH and CE mark - complies with DIN EN 12566-3 + A1: 2009


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  • Settler tank with 1000l capacity
  • For home sewage treatment plants
  • The warranty period is 5 years
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  • Retention and draining rainwater into the ground
  • Retention in soil treated wastewater after biological treatment
  • Rainwater management
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In the offer of household sewage treatment plants you will find solutions for traditional drainage treatment plants, tunnel drainage treatment plants, package drainage treatment plants with one or two-chamber settling tanks. Biological sewage treatment plants, depending on the needs, are based on settling tanks of various strengths to the influence of soil and groundwater. All biological treatment plants work on the basis of a sequential SBR bioreactor.