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Geodek 235L infiltration box

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  • Drainage and discharge of rainwater
  • Discharge of treated wastewater into the ground
  • Capacity 235 l

Water management GEOdek box

Systems of retention and drenage rainwater or treated wastewater

GEOdek boxes are called "honeycombs" because of its specific structure. GEOdek are polypropylene used for tanks, drainage and retention. It is a perfect alternative for the traditional channel system, when its modernization or expansion is impossible. W-BOX and the traditional gravel systems are analogous when it comes to external structure and functions. The volume of our packing, however, is 3 times larger, which allows a substantial reduction of the draining surface. Boxes have the Technical Approval AT / 2009-08-0325 issued by the Institute of Environmental Protection in Warsaw. Ideal solution for infiltration rainwater in the garden. You will also find other absorption boxes in our offer, such as the Rewatec 230L absorption boxes.

Purpose of the GEOdek boxes

  • Oxygen thorough cleaning with simultaneous discharge of wastewater to land in traditional systems
  • Retention in soil treated wastewater in bioreactors
  • Discharge and retention of rainwater

GEOdek types:

Type A – resists pressure of walking (for garden assembly).
Type B – resists pressure of a passenger car (correspondingly, SLW 30 when covered with a 1-2 m layer of soil).
Type C - resists pressure of a delivery truck (correspondingly, SLW 60 when covered with a 1-2 m layer of soil).

Dimensions and technical information

Price is valid for GEOdek type A boxes.
Boxes type B and C on individual enquiry: kontakt@aquatechnika.com.pl 

Technical data 
Selection of the number of boxes 
H / W / L [m]
0,6 / 0,3 / 1,2
Roof area [m2]
Installation depth [m]
1 - 2
Capacity [l]
Number of boxes for rainfall 150 l/s/ha [szt.]
t = 30 min
t = 15 min
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