Tanks for Drinking Water

Drinking water tank

in our offer you will find above-ground and underground tanks for drinking water made in the rotational molding process. The tank production process ensures the tightness and strength of the tanks, and the material from which the tanks are made is subjected to tests for the safety of storage and storage of food liquids. All products have ATZ PZH which ensures the user to use the highest material standards.

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  • Tank for liquid foodstuffs - drinking water
  • Poliethylene above ground tanks Cisterna
  • Different volume tanks from 50 to 5000L
  • Available colors: blue (standard), green, gray, terracotta
PLN645.01 Regular price PLN701.10
PLN524.40 tax excl


  • Tank with the possibility of collecting food
  • 20-year warranty, different capacity from 300 to 13000L
  • Ground polyethylene reservoir for drinking water
PLN623.99 Regular price PLN643.29
PLN507.31 tax excl


  • Polyethylene tanks for food liquids
  • Capacity from 300 l to 5000 l
  • 20 years warranty
PLN625.18 Regular price PLN644.52
PLN508.28 tax excl


  • The tank with the possibility of collecting food
  • 20-year warranty, capacity to choose from 300 to 5000L
  • Polyethylene tank for drinking water
PLN724.21 Regular price PLN746.61
PLN588.79 tax excl
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All potable water tanks have PZH approval and are made of safe materials for storing food liquids. In tanks, drinking water can be stored as well as oil, wine, demineralized water and other substances for human consumption.