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Water meter wells

Our store offers a wide range of water meter wells. They are characterized by high quality and tightness. This is a guarantee of long-term operation without breakdown. They are designed for installation in areas with high water levels. They provide protection and access to the measuring elements of the installation. Wells are equipped with ladders, steps to facilitate the revision (reading of water meter readings) and connection stubs. Wells are not equipped with water meters and valves. They are used primarily on private properties. The store's website also includes pumping station manholes and sewer manholes.

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Water-meter well SWM1000

  • Tanks for water meter wells
  • 100 % watertight
  • Ladder and cover for pedestrian traffic
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Water meter well SWG1000

  • Polyethylene manhole for water-meter
  • Volume of 1080 l
  • Height of 1.76 m and a diameter of 1.10 m
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Characteristics of water meter manholes 

The store offers water meter wells made of durable plastic. They are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions. The advantage of plastic is its low weight and resistance to corrosion. Additional ribbing on the tanks increases their rigidity and resistance to damage. The manhole sets are ideal protection of the measuring apparatus from adverse environmental conditions. 

In the offer of Aquatechnika store you will find a wide range of water meter wells. We guarantee delivery throughout Poland - including Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Szczecin, Łódź, Katowice and foreign deliveries. In our offer you will find products of renowned Polish manufacturers at attractive prices. Before making a choice, we invite you to check attractive offers and contact our advisors. We offer the lowest prices and the possibility to negotiate.

Are you looking for a watertight and durable water meter well? Our company has an assortment of the highest quality, easy to install products, so that your water meter will be protected from the weather, and you will be guaranteed correct operation.

Choosing from among the water meter wells available from us with different diameters and capacities, you will get a functional and fully sealed product. Do you need a well with a different dimension than those available on our website - just send us a request for an individual custom design. Do you have additional questions about water meter manholes? Please contact us - we will be happy to advise you and help you make a satisfactory purchase.


What are water meter manholes used for?

The function of the water meter well is to protect the water meter set apparatus from the effects of weather and groundwater conditions.

When is a water meter well necessary?

A water meter well should be used when, for various reasons, the water meter has to be placed outside the building. The chamber protects the apparatus from unfavourable external conditions and enables optimum operating conditions. This ensures correct measurements and comfortable meter reading.

Does the manhole have a cover?

The water meter wells are equipped with a polyethylene cover which protects the inside of the tank from flooding by rainwater or groundwater. This ensures correct operation of the apparatus.

Is the cover made of steel?

Standard water meter well covers are made of polyethylene. Under pedestrian traffic, a cover made of cast iron is also used, which is placed on pavements.

Is a ladder in the well?

A ladder is standard equipment for many variants of water meter wells. The ladder allows you to control the operation of the equipment inside the tank easily and conveniently.

What are the inlet/outlet diameters at the water meter well?

The water meter well is supplied without holes. You will need to drill them yourself, adapting the diameter to your installation.

What is the height of the connection spigots?

The height of the spigots is determined individually. The customer therefore plans the dimensions of his installation himself and makes the necessary holes. Each well has a limited max. installation depth for the water meter due to the tank design. The water meter well is supplied without openings.

Are the inlet and outlet spigots sealed?

The inlet and outlet holes in the water meter well are made by the customer himself. An in situ seal must be used to ensure that the spigots are fully sealed.

Can a well be installed in an area with car traffic?

Water meter wells should not be installed in areas with car traffic. The models available are dedicated to installation in pedestrian traffic areas only.

Do we offer manholes with a water meter set?

We offer water meter well tanks equipped with ladders and covers. These are not included in the water meter set package, which must be obtained on your own. In addition, the necessary holes must be drilled and the necessary seals used during installation.