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Neutralization chamber and desilters

Acid neutralisation chambers are devices designed to neutralise acids contained in wastewater. They are installed on sewer lines to rooms where there is a risk of mineral acid spillage. Neutralisers are used in vehicle scrapping yards, chemical laboratories, battery or accumulator storage areas, chemical factories.

Sanitary wastewater and rainwater should not be introduced into the neutralisers. The units use neutralisation processes by ion exchange. The chambers can be installed as underground flow-through neutralisers, but also as stand-alone units.  The units are made of materials resistant to contact with aggressive wastewater (polyethylene).

The desilters are designed to retain the sedimenting suspended solids in the separator. The wastewater is then directed to a grease or oil separation chamber.

Active filters


  • It cleans away suspended solids
  • To be installed upstream of the separator
  • Spigot diameter 160 mm
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