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  • Household sewage treatment plant drainage Eco Standard
  • Ecological cesspool
  • Ecological sewage treatment plant

Drainage wastewater Eko Roto

Household drainage sewage tratment plant

Reasons to have a sewage (septic tank ecological) Eco Standard
  • Cheap and simple solution for wastewater treatment
  • Maintenance-free, no need for power supply
  • Sewage tank is lightweight and easy to install
  • 10-year guarantee on the tightness of the tank
  • The ideal solution to favorable ground conditions
Description of action
The sewage treatment process can be divided into two stages. In the first step anaerobic, sewage flows by gravity into the septic tank. There is here a step self-treat sewage. They are separated heavy materials which sink to the bottom of the tank. Fats and oils form the so-called. sheepskin. Then pretreated impurities flow through the filter into the second purification stage occurring in the drain rozsączającym. In this step it is used the natural process of aerobic involving biochemical decomposition of impurities using bacteria.
Settler treatment plant
The tank is made of polyethylene with a hardness of committing installation in favorable soil conditions (soil lightweight, permeable). The strainer is resistant to aggressive environment of wastewater. The advantage of settling is its low weight, makes it easier to transport and install. Bodies placed in the ground do not require thermal insulation. Their functioning is possible in different climatic conditions. Equipped with a lid with a diameter of 585mm. Settler bears a period of 10 years warranty for tightness. Be sure to drain the septic tank was carried out by the so-called. full condition. This means that when emptying the vessel must be topped up with clean water to the tank must always be full. This enables thorough rinsing of the interior and eliminates the risk of crushing the empty shell due to earth pressure. Maximum soil cover to 0.5m.
Standards and certifications
  • The product complies with the standard EN 12566-1: 2000 / A1: 2003 and EN 12566-1: 2004A1: 2006.
  • Sewage has Hygienic Certificate HK / W / 0862/01/2012.

Table set of wastetreatment:

Numbers of users [RLM]
Element of set
Desilter volume [l]
Length of drainage [mb]
Length [m]
Width [m]
Height [m]
Height inlet [m]
Eko Standard 4
Septic tank, filtration material - puzzola, the well distribution, 3 x manhole closing, 3 x poppet valve vent
2 000
48 + Geotextile
Eko Standard 6
3 000
60 + Geotextile
star star star star star

Dziurawy nocnik

Oczyszczalnia musi wypełniać normę PN-EN 12566-3 a nie jeden oraz dobór systemu rozsączania wg DIN 4261. Poza tym min. 2 x w roku badania ścieków oczyszczonych, wywóz osadu i serwis wg art 62 prawa budowlanego. System zaprezentowany nie ma aprobaty KE UE. Na koniec. Czego dotyczy atest higieniczny w oczyszczalniach