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Rainwater control panel Ecorain 10

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  • Recommended for single-family houses
  • Flow rate 10l/min, 3.5 bar
  • Max connection of 3 flush toilets, 1 urinal, 2 washing machines, 1 garden hose

Rainwater control panel Ecorain 10

Ecorain 10 rainwater control panel are designed for detached houses, allowing a maximum of:

  • 3 WC cisterns
  • 1 urinal
  • 2 washing machines
  • 1 garden hose connected to a single sprinkler

The RAINMASTER Eco is suitable for particularly economical users. It generates 75% energy savings compared to conventional domestic water supply systems. In a detached house, a flow rate of 10 l / min is usually sufficient for small garden watering requirements.

  • 75% energy saving
  • Quiet operation 50 dB
  • Optionally with level indicator
  • Low space requirement
  • 110-230 V operation possible (pump 24 V).

Description of operation

EcoRain is a fully automated rainwater control unit. It includes a pump, controller and emergency tap water supply. The Ecorain central is easy to install in any basement, garage or ground floor of any house. The unit collects rainwater from the tank and uses the rainwater to flush toilets, power washing machines or water the greenery. When there is a shortage of rainwater in the tank, the unit automatically switches to tap water supply mode. When the operating point of the suction line is below its characteristic line, a booster pump must be used. The aim is to ensure reliable and safe operation of the system.

The use of a diaphragm pump significantly reduces the noise level and reaches up to 50 dB. The unit has built-in protection against secondary contamination of tap water in accordance with EN 1717 type AB.
Technical data

Ecorain 10 control panel
Max capacity
10 l/min
Max pressure
3,5 bar
Max suction depth
3,6 m
Protection class
IP 44
Rated power
90 W
Supply voltage
230 V
Suction line connection
Pressure pipe connection
Connection of tap water
Emergency overflow
Ø50 mm
Float switch
15 m x Ø8 mm