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Water carbon filter SL 240 TE-CTN 1″

Water carbon filter SL 240 TE-CTN 1″

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  • Pipe filter for the home
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water
  • Average flow rate 0.5 m3/h

Water carbon filter SL 240 TE-CTN 1″

A new generation, effective water purification filter. No significant drops in water pressure were found during purification. Thanks to the water centrifugation method, it fulfils its task perfectly. It separates silt, sand or rust. The impurities are caught at the bottom of the transparent diffuser. The filter sleeve continues to purify the water with the chosen accuracy.

The purpose of using filters is to protect domestic, housing community and agricultural installations from damage. Their function is to retain solid particles that are present in the water. The filter should be installed at the water inlet to the installation, so that all connected appliances are protected. The slower the flow, the better the filtering result. 

Applications for Cintropur SL 240 TE-CTN 1″ water filters

Residential construction
Protection of sanitary installations supplied with municipal, rainwater or well water, filtering of water prior to softening.

Protection of sanitary installations, production machinery and any water treatment equipment.

Filtration of irrigation systems, animal watering, rainwater and well water.

Benefits of the SL 240 TE-CTN 1″ Cintropur activated carbon water filter

  • Clean water - activated carbon perfectly improves taste and odour,
  • Equipment protection,
  • Elimination of contaminants - neutralises chlorine, ozone and also pesticides,
  • Durability and reliability,
  • The carbon cartridge lasts from 3 to 6 months of filtration,
  • Transparent diffuser allows observation of the degree of contamination of the filter mesh,
  • Has a drain plug for periodic cleaning of the filter from larger contaminants.

Technical data

Connector diameter
Average flow [m3/h]
Operating pressure [bar]
Max pressure [bar]
Max temperature [°C]
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Filter capacity (diffuser)[l]