Wireless liquid level sensor TS-FT002
  • Wireless liquid level sensor TS-FT002
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Ultrasonic water level sensor TS-FT002

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  • Tank depth up to 15 m
  • Transmitter range up to 100 m
  • Battery-powered ultrasonic sensor
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Ultrasonic water level sensor TS-FT002

High quality wireless liquid level sensor used for rainwater and water tanks. Allows convenient monitoring of the liquid level in the tank without leaving home. The sensor provides full safety as it keeps the user informed about the liquid level in real time. Reading the data is extremely easy, thanks to an easy-to-read display with a user-friendly interface.

The device consists of a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter should be mounted on the tank lid and the receiver can be located anywhere in the building. The receiver with screen is equipped with a stand so that it can be placed on a table. In addition to this, the housing has holes that allow it to be hung on a wall. Ultrasonic technology (a sound wave with a very low frequency that is inaudible to humans) is used to measure liquids. The working principle is that the sensor sends a beam of waves vertically down into the depths of the tank. The ray then reflects off the surface of the liquid and back into the device, which records this. The distance measured by the sensor is the result of calculating the wave return time. It is very important that the sensor is pointed perfectly on axis - vertically downwards. To make mounting easier, the transmitter is equipped with a small level. Mounting must be carried out while maintaining the required distances. Otherwise, the readings may not be correct. The temperature measurement is recorded by a thermal sensor integrated into the transmitter.

The device is fully intelligent and easy to operate. A great advantage is the frequent updating of information about the liquid level in the tank. The indicator registers a measurement every 30 s or 3 min. The tank water level sensor is wireless. It works effectively up to a distance of 100 m between transmitter and receiver.

Advantages of the ultrasonic water level sensor TS-FT002

  • Large and easy to read LCD display illustrates fill level with an aesthetically pleasing diagram;
  • Records time, tank (transmitter) and room (receiver) temperatures;
  • Records maximum temperature and liquid level in the tank;
  • Alarms on high and low liquid levels;
  • Indicates when the battery is low;
  • Updates liquid level measurement every 30 s or 3 min. 
Package includes:

  • Transmitter,
  • LCD receiver,
  • Mounting screws,
  • Operating instructions.
Technical data

Transmitter operating temperature
from -40 °C to 60 °C
Internal temperature range of the receiver
0 - 50 °C
Max. tank depth
up to 15 m
Distance of the sensor from the surface of the liquid
min. 50 cm or more
Min. distance between sensor and tank wall
20 cm
Range in open terrain
up to 100 m
Battery power supply
6×AA for the transmitter, 2×AA for the receiver
Receiver dimensions [mm]
106 x 97 x 24
Transmitter diameter [mm]
Mass [g]

Installation of the level sensor

Installation of the sensor is very easy and is based on a few points:

  • Inserting the batteries in the transmitter and receiver.
  • Mounting the transmitter on the cover, maintaining the required distances. The transmitter must be placed horizontally.
  • Configuring the settings for tank depth, distance from the bottom of the transmitter to the liquid surface, time, temperature and liquid level. Time and high or low liquid level alarms can then be set.  
Details of how to install and operate the unit can be found in the manufacturer's manual available in the attchments and in the box.