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  • A device monitoring the state of liquid in an open tank
  • It is mainly used in rainwater tanks and home septic tanks (septic tanks)
  • It communicates via WiFi radio in the most popular standard

AQUATO liquid level sensor

An innovative device that monitors the liquid level in the tank open to WiFi

The AQUATO sensor is mainly used in rainwater tanks and in households, septic tanks (septic tanks). It communicates via WiFi radio in the most popular 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz standard, which is used in virtually all home wireless networks.


Device composition

The device consists of a microcontroller and a depth probe, which are connected with each other by a thin hose. In addition, the device has been equipped with a temperature sensor, thanks to which the user can observe the temperature around the device.
It can be installed both inside and outside buildings, because it has been designed to cope with the external weather conditions in our climate. The device does not require a power cord, because it is powered by four standard AA size batteries, the so-called "fingers". This solution ensures uninterrupted operation for almost four years. The power supply is monitored by the device itself and can determine the degree of discharge of the battery.


The device can be used in any rainwater tank and in a septic tank. It accurately measures the height of the water table, which enables full control of the home system. The reading is saved in a virtual memory, so we have access to it from anywhere in the world!



• First of all, it is a product manufactured by a Polish manufacturer
• Possibility to visualize the filling on the phone or tablet with Android system
• The kit has a standard RP-SMA antenna connector that allows you to change the antenna with a greater range or direction
• Simple configuration of the settings using a device with Internet access.
• The device performs very precise measurements (up to a few millimeters)
• Corrosion resistant probe and controller
• Battery powered (included) - alkaline batteries allow work up to 4 years!
• SMS notifications included in the cost of the device! (no sim card needed)
• If a septic tank sensor is used, the septic company can be informed via SMS about the upcoming overfilling of the tank.
• The system will inform about the upcoming Battery change

A brief description of the installation

The device consists of a controller for installation outside or inside A and a probe examining the water level in the tank B. The tank E in which the sensor is mounted can be of any shape! The controller with the probe should be connected with the C-hose included in the set. The probe should be submerged at the bottom of the tank, then it remains to insert the batteries into the controller, which will automatically put it into the configuration state. Use your phone (or other device with a web browser) to connect to the device's network and configure the name of the wireless home network D and the password. The last step is to register your product at www.aquato.net. From that moment on, the tested tank level begins to be recorded and presented in a graph.