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  • Rainwater pomp station for houses
  • Max productivity 6m3/h
  • Max pressure from 3,6 to 4,8bar

Aquamatic Domestic S PLUS

Rainwater control panel


Purpose of the device

Rainwater control panels Aquamtic Domestic S plus are designed for single and two-family houses. Allows the use of rainwater for flushing toilets, washing machines and watering the garden.

Description of the functioning

Rainwater control panel comprises a handy drinking water tank, multi-stage pump with solenoid valve and float switch with 20 m cable. The whole is in the console, which should be install on a wall or floor.
In the absence of rain water in the tank, the control panel can automatically use water from waterworks. Working three-way valve is controlled by a float switch in the tank of rainwater. Water is supplied from the waterwork to the tank by float-valve in accordance with EN 1717. Multistage priming centrifugal pump ensures quiet operation and a quick and easy start-up of the system. The panel protects the pump against dry running, and allows you to disable it in case of a certain pressure in the system.

Technical data

Control panel S Plus
Max. productivity
Max. pressure
4,8 bar
Max. height of the receiver
Max. suction depth
Degree of protection
IP 41
Rated power
Power supply voltage
Pipeline suction connection
1`` (GW)
Discharge pipeline connection
1`` (GZ)
Mains water connection
¾`` (GZ)
Emergency spillway
Pipe ᴓ75mm
Float switch
20m (without ground)