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  • Have PZH certificate
  • Polyethylene tanks for food liquids
  • Capacity: 300 l
  • Available colors: blue (standard), green, gray, terracotta

Sottotetto tanks

Above ground Sottotetto tanks for storage of food liquids (drinking water)

With rotomolding and properties of chemical-physical and mechanical properties of high density polyethylene (LLDPE), ground tanks are perfect for storing large amounts of fluids. Polyethylene is non-toxic and not conducive to the growth of algae in the fluids contained in the tanks so that tanks are ideal for storing drinking water and other food products. Furthermore, polyethylene is resistant to temperature variations (-20 to + 80 ° C) and the weatherability, chemical and physical properties. In addition, tanks made of polyethylene are much lighter, which facilitates their transport, and the installation becomes very simple and economical.

4 colors to choose from:
  • blue (standard) 5015
  • gray 7037
  • terracotta 8004
  • green 6005

Technical data

Code Volume [l] Length [mm] Width [mm] Height [mm] Ø Rewision [mm] Inlet Outlet Downpipe
ROST300 300 1600 500 420 210 - 1" 3/4"