Float valve Quick-Stop

Float valve Quick-Stop

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  • Float assembly for regulating the level of liquids in tanks
  • For use in domestic and industrial installations
  • Valve diameters: ¾'', 1'', 1 ¼'', 1 ½''

Float valve quick stop

Level control tank 

A float valve regulates the liquid level in tanks underground and ground (open or closed). In the case of filling the tank to a predetermined level followed by a full cut the inlet opening. It can be used in domestic or industrial installations.

In our accessories section for drinking water tanks you will find lids, valves and culverts (e.g. Culverts tight with external thread).


  • Operating temperature up to +50℃
  • Working pressure from 0.2 to 6 bar
  • Casing made of non-toxic polycarbonate PC
  • Screws nuts made of stainless steel

Available diameters float valves

Typ of valve
Valve ¾
Valve 1
Valve 1 ¼
1 ¼’’
Valve 1 ½
1 ½’’