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Alarm Squealer - 2 Twin for separators

Alarm Squealer - 2 Twin for separators

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  • 2 probe detector
  • Choose from: MAX - overfill, OILER - level, SLUDO - sludge
  • LEDs indicating normal status and fault status

SQUEALER-2 detector

Modern, microprocessor device with two probes, used for continuous monitoring of overflow / fat level / oil level / sludge layer in separators

The composition of the set

  • SQUEALER-2 detector equipped with 2 input + 1 output
  • 2 x 0,75 mm2 intrinsically safe power cable for sensors 5 linear meter (CABLE-5 - extending standard probe cables)
  • 2 x Set for hanging sensors for plastic tanks (NFIX-02)
  • 2 x connection coupler - used when the cable has to be extended, the coupler is used to connect them in an airtight manner (COUPLER-01)
And a choice of matching probes in configuration:

  • MAX (overfill probe) + OILER (oil, grease, petroleum substance level probe),
  • MAX (overfill probe) + SLUDO (sludge probe),
  • OILER (oil, fat, petroleum-based substance probe) + SLUDO (sludge probe),
  • Standard each probe is fitted with a 5 m cable.
Technical data

  • Power supply: 230V AC
  • Max. fuse: 1.25 A
  • Power consumption (nominal): 2.2 VA
  • Output: potential-free relay "RELAY" NO / NC, 2A / 120VAC or 2A / 24VDC
  • Ambient temperature: -40 to + 60 ° C
  • Mechanical strength: IK 07
  • Housing dimensions (without cable glands) (H x W x D): 96 x 130 x 66 mm
Sensor assembly

1. Lower the sensor to a height that indicates the exceeding of the tested level
2. Attach the sensor cable to the mounting eye
3. To extend the cable, use the NCOUPLER muff to connect the sensor to the SQUEALER control device

Additional options

  • It is possible to extend the cable (intrinsically safe cable 2 X 0.75mm2 for sensors 10 linear meter) (CABLE-10)
In our separator alarms category we have other models such as: TRIPLE SEPARATOR ALARM and BASIC SEPARATOR ALARM


There is no power cable included with the Squealer detector (not to be confused with the CABLE-5). You must supply the cable to the device yourself.

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