Vent stack anti-odor filter

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  • Anti-odor ventilating filter optionally with a stand
  • The diameter 110 or 160 mm
  • Material: PEHD and stainless steel
  • Mounted to tank body

Vent stack anti-odor filter

Ventilation filter for direct installation into the sanitary casing

Anti-odor filters are used for sewer odours of all kinds (in sewer manholes, sewage pumping stations and septic tanks). The filters minimise the release of chemicals (both odorous and odourless) present in the sewage system. The absorbing substance is high-quality impregnated activated carbon. The anti-odor filters eliminate nuisance odours arising from the transport, storage and treatment of wastewater, improving the comfort of the sewerage system. The filters are fully maintenance-free devices, easy to install. They are made of durable materials - PEHD and stainless steel, which are resistant to aggressive substances. The product is characterised by high quality, so that it can operate without breakdown for many years. 

We offer PEHD and stainless steel filters optionally equipped with a stand.

More information is available in the attachments. Technical data and data sheets for the stainless steel filters can be found here.

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PEHD - high density polyethylene. It is resistant to corrosive environments and adverse weather conditions. It is characterised by high mechanical strength and chemical resistance.

Steel 1.4301 - the standard grade of stainless steel is characterised by good resistance to corrosion in the environment. However, it is not suitable for use in saline environments and in environments with high chlorine concentrations. It is characterised by high aesthetic qualities.

Steel 1.4404 - acid-resistant stainless steel with increased corrosion resistance. It is characterised by high resistance to organic and inorganic acids and chlorine compounds. The steel is also less prone to pitting corrosion. The material is widely used in the sanitary industry. 

Technical data

Diameter of filter [mm]
Diameter of the mounting hole [mm]
Length of the filtration chamber [mm]
Weight of the filter cartridge [kg]
1 000
4.4 (PEHD), 4.6 (stainless steel) 
1 000
8.8 (PEHD), 9.6 (stainless steel)


Anti-odour filter is mounted directly to the body of sanitary (septic tank, pumping wells, separator). The outer diameter of the filter is adapted to pass a sealed PVC (transition tight sleeve or seal).