Biopreparation Komposter-EB

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  • Preparations accelerate composting
  • Eliminates odors
  • Ecological preparation for composters

Biopreparation Komposter-EB

Preparations for composters

Accelerates the decomposition of organic waste, eliminates odours. Biopreparation contains microorganisms, enzymes and substances which activate the composting process. By using Komposter-EB can get quick way to get valuable organic fertilizer. It can be used on plots, gardens and households. We invite you to browse our offer, we also have such biopreparations as: Activator Biostart biological bed (for use in drainage treatment plants) or Activator Neozyme (recommended for starting septic tanks and treatment plants).

Directions for use

  • Use 200 g preparation for each 1-2 m3 composting mass,
  • Before using the the formulation dissolved in 10 liters of water,
  • Leave the solution to stand for 24 h, pour the composting mass.
The product applies once and is available in 0.5 kg and 5 kg packs.