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Premium garden set with Blueline II tank 2600 l
  • Premium garden set with Blueline II tank 2600 l
  • Premium garden set with Blueline II tank

Premium garden set with Blueline II tank

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  • Rainwater tank with pump, filter - ideal for automatic garden irrigation
  • High-quality Top Multi Evo Tech 4 pump with floating intake and diaphragm vessel
  • Capacities from 2,600l to 10,000l

Premium garden set with Blueline II tank

Hight-quality systems for collecting rainwater in the garden with flat tank and automatic submersible pump for automatic garden irrigation

Description of action

Rainwater from the roof is collected through the gutter system and then fed drain pipe to the tank. Purified water is a basket filter with a fine mesh, and then flows into the reservoir (using gravity). The water distribution system, thanks to a fully automatic submersible pump, allows for automated watering of the garden. In addition, it is possible to connect a garden hose to the water point for manual watering.  

Scope of Supply

BlueLine II rainwater tank - Benefits for you

  • Tank size 2600 - 10000 liters
  • The eco-friendly polyethylene - a 100% recycling
  • No seams, joints or welds - 100% tightness
  • Low weight, easy installation
  • Easy backfilling and compaction of sand, gravel and excavated material from the trench
  • Can be installed in ground water to 1/3 of the of the tank
  • 25 years warranty - Made in Germany
  • Truck-driveable up to an axle-weight of 11.5 tonnes (load class SLW 30)
Technical dimensions

Capacity [l]
Lenght [mm]
Width [mm]
Body height [mm]
2 600
2 400
1 360
1 330
5 200
2 400
2 010
1 980
7 600
2 765
2 310
2 250
10 000
3 400
2 310
2 250

The ascending pipe and lid, which can be found in the accessories section, must be matched to the tank.

Tank cover - TwinCover with water intake

The tank cover has a smaller inner lid in it for easy and quick access to the water intake.

Shaft extension VS60

Height 635mm, Ø 600mm

Gasket DN 600

Lip gasket used between the VS 20 / VS 60 ascending pipe or the distance ring. Protects the rainwater tank against the infiltration of dirt from outside.

Basket filter

Recommended for roof areas up to. to 350 m2. Dimensions: Ø 410mm, height 160mm fine filter (filter mesh size 0.9mm). Filter includes links fasteners and hook

Hihgh pressure hose 3,5 m

3.5m pressure hose used to connect the pump to the water intake, positioned in the tank cover.

24V 1" filling kit

Filling kit for topping up tap water in the tank in case of rainwater shortage.

1 liter diaphragm tank

A 1 l expansion tank should be placed in the pump discharge installation, above the maximum water level in the tank.

Top Multi Evo Tech 4 pump with floating intake
The Top Multi Evo Tech 4 new is an automatic, multi-stage, submersible pressure pump from the Italian brand Pedrollo. It is equipped with an electronic pressure regulator and non-return valve. Simple to use and reliable. A diaphragm vessel is used to protect the pump from frequent restarts. 

Technical data of the pump

Max flow rate
80 l/min
Max lifting height
up to 53 m
Switch-on pressure
1,5 bar
Discharge line 
1 1/4” female thread
Suction line
1 1/4” male thread
Lenght of a power cable
10 m
Nominal power
0,75 kW
Max temprerature od water
40 ºC
Voltage, frequency
230 V, 50 Hz
Number of stages
Motor protection class