UV 2000 system for rainwater treatment

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  • Rainwater treatment system for drinking water parameters
  • Purified water is directly suitable for consumption
  • Compatible with the Biovitor filter

UV 2000 system for rainwater treatment

How does the UV 2000 water treatment module (Biovitor technology) work?

The UV 2000 is an innovative technology for households.  Rainwater flowing off the roof is directed into a rainwater tank. Water from the yard and pavements is unsuitable due to its too high contaminant content. Pre-filtration takes place in the tank thanks to GreenLife Biovitor technology. The rainwater is then treated using a GUP 46 vacuum pump with floating water intake. This type of intake guarantees additional water purification. The water intake floats several centimetres below the water surface. Sludge settles to the bottom and lighter impurities accumulate on the surface. Therefore, it is best to draw water from the volume between these zones. This is where the water is cleanest in the tank. The rainwater then enters the filter system and the disinfection section.

The rainwater is thoroughly cleaned using a 3-stage filter and a UV light to disinfect the water. The water flows through filters 1 and 2 (20 μm and 10 μm gradation), where it is cleaned by sedimentation. It is then directed through an activated carbon filter, which gives the water the appropriate sensory qualities (removes odour). Finally, the water is disinfected by UV. At this point, it has the parameters of drinking water according to WHO standards. The purified water is suitable for direct consumption.

Our shop also offers a system for grey water: Greenlife grey water management system.

UV 2000 operation for rainwater treatment

  • The activated carbon filter cartridges should be replaced every 4 months,
  • The UV lamp is very durable, as it has a service life of up to 10,000 h,
  • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz,
  • The maximum cleaning capacity of the system (flow rate) is 2,000 l/h,
  • The installation output (1" male thread) is connected directly to the water pipe system in the building.

Why invest in GreenLife filters?

  • They are compatible with most rainwater systems,
  • Can be used as a direct connection to a biological filter that stimulates the decomposition of inorganic components in rainwater,
  • Low maintenance frequency (cleaning every 5 years),
  • High efficiency of the unit - water parameters meet requirements and standards,
  • Works well for perlocation (filtration) - if there is heavy leaf rainfall, leaf separators and gutter grates can be used.