Grey and rainwater system 200L/D - Gray Rain Outdoor

Grey and rainwater system 200L/D - Gray Rain Outdoor

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  • Gray and rainwater treatment system
  • Capacity up to 200 l / d
  • Hybrid system for home use

Outdoor graywater system and rainwater system

Gray water treatment system with the use of rainwater

The kit allows the installation to be supplied from two sources of renewable water - grey water and rainwater. 

A complete grey water management system allows the recovery of water that is generated after washing dishes, bathing or laundry (faecal-free). The set includes two vertical underground tanks. In the first tank, the gray water purification process takes place using the Purain filter and the Aqualoop membrane station. A floating bed is used to increase the efficiency of aerobic bacteria, enabling efficient decomposition of organic matter.

Rainwater and purified water are stored in the second tank. There is an automatic pump in the tank for water distribution in the building and a filling kit that ensures constant access to water. Purified water can be fed to utensils such as toilets, washing machines or even garden sprinklers.

Kit components:

1. Gray water tank,
2. Rain water tank,
3. Pump,
4. Membrane station,
5. Floating fittings,
6. PURAIN filter,
7. 1l vessel and tee,
8. Controller,
9. Blower,
10. ECO filling set
11. OPTI filter,
12. Filter 240 1″