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Watchman Sonic Advance Kingspan liquid level sensor
  • Watchman Sonic Advance Kingspan liquid level sensor
  • Watchman Sonic Advance Kingspan liquid level sensor

Watchman Sonic Advance Kingspan liquid level sensor

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  • Counter for measuring the level of liquid in the tank
  • Audible alarm notifies of a drop in liquid level
  • Range 200 m (transmitter - receiver)

Watchman Sonic Advance Kingspan

Ultrasonic counter for measuring the level of liquids in tanks. The device has a 10-step measuring scale. The transmitter is placed at the top of the observed tank, which monitors the liquid level with the help of ultrasonic waves. An alarm sounds each time the minimum and rapidly decreasing liquid level is exceeded.  The LCD screen displays the state of the liquid in the tank.

Watchman Sonic Advance is a complete meter consisting of a sensor and receiver.

The USB SENSiT receiver is an optional accessory for the meter. It transforms the system into a smart liquid measuring system (smart version). All information is then saved to a phone app via WiFi.

Operating principle of the Watchman Sonic Advance meter

The transmitter mounted at the top of the tank transmits information to the receiver about the liquid level by means of ultrasound. The liquid level is displayed on an LCD screen. The receiver can be located in an electrical outlet, conveniently located for the user in the room. If the liquid in the tank reaches a level of less than 10%, a message about the need to refill will appear on the receiver. The undoubted advantage is monitoring the liquid without having to leave the house.

Advantages of using Watchman Sonic Advance

  • Intuitive and easy operation of the device and trouble-free installation
  • Audible alarm to inform of decreasing liquid level
  • Possibility to receive notifications to your phone
  • Compatible with Kingspan steel and plastic tanks
  • Max height of tanks suitable for measurement - 3 m
  • Range of 200 m (transmitter - receiver)
  • Individual serial number
  • Waveguide mode (on/off)
  • Low power consumption

Technical specifications of the Watchman Sonic Advance meter

Operating temperature
-10 st. C do +50 st. C
Degree of protection
For indoor use only, TX - IP67
Radio frequency
433 MHz
Measurement method
Ultrasonic range
0,5-3 m
Measurement accuracy
+/- 2 cm
Receiver level indicator
10% of tank height per post
2 years

How the Watchman Sonic KIngspan meter works

  • The transmitter should be placed at the top of the tank - then the liquid level in the tank is measured
  • The transmitter transmits the liquid level information to the receiver placed in the user's home by means of ultrasound, where the liquid level is monitored on the LCD display.
  • An audible alarm will sound when the liquid level drops to 10% sending a signal to the receiver