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  • Liquid level sensor CS-04 orange
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  • Liquid level sensors CS-04 colours
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Liquid level sensor CS-04

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WiFi CS-04
Power supply:
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  • Sensor for rainwater and septic tanks
  • Power supply 230 V or battery operation 3.6 V R14
  • Integrated management application

CS-04 liquid level sensor

The CS-04 tank level sensor is an innovative product from the Polish company Aquilo. The indicator is designed for rainwater or septic tanks (underground or aboveground). The device can be placed in tanks with a shape similar to a rectangular or spherical object. Thanks to the indicator, it is possible to remotely monitor the state of liquid in the tank in an accurate, comfortable and, above all, safe manner. Thanks to the transmitter, it is not necessary to be close to the tank.

The transmitter should be installed in the tank, as recommended in the instructions. It is small in size and contains a microwave sensor. The receiver must be located in the building. The receiver receives the signal from the transmitter and redirects it via WiFi to the cloud. 

The liquid level indicator set consists of:

  • Transmitter including mounting plate,
  • Receiver,
  • Antenna 2 pcs,
  • Battery 1 pc. (for WiFi CS-04 sensor) or power cable 230 V (for WiFi CS-04s sensor),
  • Mounting pins 2 pcs.
Technical data of liquid level sensor SC-04:

  • Receiver operating temperature 0 °C - 50 °C,
  • Receiver operating temperature - 40 °C to 60 °C,
  • Maximum tank depth - 600 cm, minimum distance of the sensor from the liquid - 10 cm; the specified distances must be kept, otherwise the measurements will be incorrect,
  • Max. distance between transmitter and receiver 20 m (without antenna) - an additional antenna can be used,
  • Up to 2 years operation on 3.6 V R14 "C" battery (WiFi CS-04),
  • Choice of models with battery or 230 V mains power (WiFi CS-04s).
Dimensions [mm]:

  • Transmitter: 100 x 90 x 60,
  • Receiver: 61 x 49 x 65.
The sensor is managed via the intuitive 'Aquilo' app, which is available for Android and IOS smartphones. The basic Basic version is supplied with the sensor. It is also possible to purchase the premium version which is charged at PLN 4.80/month (see table below for details). It can also be used in the browser. The app is very easy to read and has a number of advantages:

  • It displays the level of liquid in the tank.
  • Informs you when the battery is low.
  • Provides a list of measurements taken, which can be compared.
  • Informs you of the approximate time the tank will be full - predicts the time of filling based on the rate of filling.
  • Sends notification when the tank is full.
  • Gives the possibility to send an sms to the septic tank company indicating that the tank needs to be emptied.
Installation and configuration is very simple. The individual steps are described in the accompanying instructions.

Communication with the cloud (WiFi)
Number of tanks to be supported
No limit
Compatible with Android, IOS, web
Liquid level information
Frequency of reading updates
After every change in liquid level (at least every 8 h)
every 8 h
Access to history
2 years
60 days
by telephone and e-mail
by telephone
Sending SMS
Integration with Home Assistant or Loxone
API REST available
Premium support
Monthly cost
4,80 PLN