Hydrostop dry-running protection

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  • Pump protection against dry running
  • Designed for surface pumps
  • Max. water temperature 35 ° C

Hydrostop dry-running protection

Punp accessories

Electromechanical device to control the water pressure used to protect the pumps from running dry. Suitable for all ground-based single-phase pumps for domestic water supply.  The device switches off the pump when the pressure drops below a preset level. The use of the hydrostop results in an extended period of breakdown-free pump operation.

Technical data

Supply voltage
230 V/50 Hz
 Max. current consumption by the pump
2 kW (10A)
Min. water pressure in instalation
0,8 bar
Pump switch-off pressure
0,6 bar
 Max. temperature of water
35 °C
Protection class
IP 44
Spigot diameter
1 inch

Protection mounted on the pump discharge line.