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Basket filter

Basket filter

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  • Rainwater filter baskets suitable for house systems
  • Suitable for underground rainwater tanks
  • Ideal for roof areas up to 350m2

Basket filter

Rainwater cleaning systems

Rainwater filter designed for the Blue Line II and AquaKing tanks. Filter are including fastening cords and hooks. This is inexpensive and easy option to filter rainwater. This filter, it is also suitable for ponds and sewage basins. Fine filtering (0.9mm mesh width), and thus suitable for domestic use (regular maintenance required). Dimension: Ø 410 mm, height 160 mm

Filter basket

  • Recommended for roof areas max to 350 m(If you are looking for something larger, we recommend the Hanging Filter Basket for areas up to 627 m2),
  • Filter basket is mounted under the inlet pipe in the tank